This blog was started to document the family of young professionals’ eight day cooking adventure in an attempt to save money on our monthly grocery/food bills. We grew tired of the “what’s for dinner dilemma” – Where to eat? What to eat? How much? Do they deliver? How late are they open?  etc. We realize we’re not the only group of friends living together and figuring out dinner plans on a nightly basis. We still like to treat ourselves out, but we know we share the Monday-Friday grind with the rest of our peers around the world. After a long day of work its hard to muster up the energy to cook something. You just want to turn on the TV, relax and have a beer or glass of wine. It takes some planning, time and patience. However, when you have the luxury to rotate the duties and responsibilities it’s much more manageable. All chefs have varying levels of experience in the kitchen, but we all know the basics and we’ve learned some new tricks along the way as well. I highly recommend checking out our first post to understand the passing of the 1951 Food Amendment Act. You can also follow us on Instagram

We thought it would be nice to share our cooking stories and let others know that they can also do the same; eat a healthy dinner at a fairly inexpensive price. Any comments, critiques or feedback are welcomed. We’d love to hear your cooking successes and failures as well.

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