Day 4 – Spaghetti

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photo 1

Spaghetti, marinara sauce, ground beef, sandwich rolls, broccoli

Items Purchased at Pak ‘n’ Save:

  • Marinara sauce………………….$2.00
  • Sandwich Rolls (6 ct)…………..$2.99
  • Ground beef……………………….$4.22

Total Cost: $9.21

Chef: Scotland

Again, Chef Scotland played it safe. Not complaining, I just want to let those outside the family know that he’s capable of much more exquisite dishes. Unfortunately, he was bogged down with work at the time and didn’t have ample preparation.

Pasta is one of the easier and less expensive dinners to make for a family. The prep time is fairly minimal and its filling. Boil noodles, heat up some sauce and beef it up with meats and various veggies. Our household enjoys onions, garlic, mushrooms, corn, olives, diced tomatoes. You can get creative with it. The canned or jarred sauces that you buy at the grocery stores need some help in my opinion. They’re okay by themselves, but adding in your own custom ingredients will do wonders. Brown sugar also adds some good flavor (credit to Chef Thailand).

Usually we like to add a salad, but he steamed some broccoli so we got our veggies in. We try to make it a point to hit all food groups. Again, another inexpensive meal that fed four hungry adults with leftovers. We had purchased a giant variety pack of noodles at Costco and its still lasting us to this day (10 months). They’re a good backup to have because they’re non-perishable, hearty and fairly versatile. I remember when I’d spend the night at friend’s houses as a kid and they’d sometimes eat noodles and just butter. To me that’s not enough, but for some that’s a meal! Whatever fancies your tongue.


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