Day 2 – Fried Rice

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ImageTurkey Spam, rice, green onions, yellow onions, chicken breast, eggs (I apologize for the blurry pic. It took a some getting used to to take pics of our food. I felt a little self-conscious being “that Asian guy” taking food pics, despite having a purpose and being in the comfort of my own home. I guess I hate reinforcing stereotypes.)

Items purchased at Koreana Plaza (Nearby Korean market):

  • Green Onions…………………….$0.79
  • Yellow Onion………………………$0.40
  • Eggs…………………………………$1.99
  • Chicken Breast…………………..$4.41

Total Cost: $7.59

Chef: Thailand

Our second day consisted of fried rice. Surprisingly, it was the Chef’s first attempt at the dish. Explanation: She was raised in a Thai restaurant so she never had to make fried rice. Why would you if you had professionals who could do it better?  Considering it was her first go around, along with the fact that she had other personal matters to attend to it was done fairly well. In her opinion, she wanted more flavor and I agreed, but we didn’t have much to work with. Also, Turkey SPAM is not even CLOSE to as tasty as the regular stuff. That just happened to be the only kind of SPAM we had in the pantry. My advice, only go with regular SPAM. Don’t even mess with the low sodium cans. If you’re trying to be healthier, don’t use SPAM at all.

At the end of the day, we were all fed healthy portions with some leftovers. If we had to purchase the SPAM I’d add $3. Still well under budget. As far as the rice, we have the 10 pound bag from Koreana, which goes for $10-$11 at Walmart (Cal Rose brand, which I think is a little better than Kirin and some other brands). I’d mark up a couple more dollars and round it to $13. However, this 10 pound bag will last us a number of meals. I can’t give an exact amount but at least 5-7? We usually do about 3 or 4 cups each dinner. Say we added another $16 to the meal and we’d only have spent $24.59 collectively for dinner. Not bad.


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